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Watch this 3-minute clip and then let's chat:

Watt's speech is achingly true, isn't it? We all know it, it's under our skin. Maybe it resonates a little too much for some. Maybe you think it's too late. Maybe you think you don't know what you desire.

The truth is that it's not too late. And you do know what you desire. It's fear that stops you from defining it and fear that stops you from making it happen.

Fear of failure.
Fear of judgement.
Fear of not keeping up with the Joneses.
Fear of losing what you have.

Perhaps you'll only change when the fear of never living your life the way you truly want to, overpowers the fear of the unknown. Crap, I know it finally has for me. Are you living your life the way you truly want to. Are you? It starts by asking yourself that question. We all need to ask ourselves that question.