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When you were a kid, having FUN was your biggest priority. Yeah, those days. You'd get your fun fill from getting dinked, falling off, seeing which of your friends could stuff the most Twinkies in their gob at once, hurting your frenemies by pretending to gift them a slap band and then slapping that band so hard...

Geez you fall over a lot when you're a kid.

Fast forward to present-day adulthood and having FUN isn't on our radar. Time and mortgages, it seems, squeeze the fun juice outta us until we dismiss it as something only children can indulge in. Which is sad, don't you think?

How about we declare 2015 the Year of Having Fun. More fun on this blog, more fun with our style, more FUN every day. Because, well, why not?

Since I'm no longer in to stuffing Twinkies in my gob, I've devised a list of silly shit I'm gonna get up to in order to increase my daily fun factor:

  • Wear plaid and spots in the same outfit so people smile at me. They'll be thinking "wow, what the hell kinda devil outfit is she wearing" but I'll think they're thinking "wow, she looks like a supermodel".
  • Eat mashed potato with my index finger. Lick each fingerfull slowly, like a softserve.
  • During one sleepless night, ponder what I'd look like with bangs, then the very next morning cut bangs myself with kitchen scissors. Hang on, DONE!
  • Create alter egos for my cat and dog. British. Cockney to be precise. Adopt their alter egos and converse with husband. Swear a lot.
  • Skip down the street. I dare you to skip without laughing. Deliriously.

You get the idea.

At the risk of taking the fun out of having fun, I have a more serious list too. How to officially have more fun as an adult:

  • Be present
  • The reason kids have fun is because they are completely and utterly tuned into whatever they are doing. We, on the other hand, generally suck at this because we're addicted to thinking about what we have to do later today, tomorrow, next week.
  • Embrace your flaws
  • It's not easy to have fun in the moment when you're thinking about your cellulite, now is it?
  • Get dirty
  • Why are adults so obsessed with being clean?
  • Break your rules when you feel like it
  • Learn to say no to shit you really don't want to do
  • Learn to say not to shit you really don't want to do.

P.S If you want to google your own fun list, I suggest avoiding the search terms 'Adult' and 'Fun'. Nooooo Twinkies there...