People who are seeking asylum

"When a door is closed, people open a window. If a window is closed, people will dig a tunnel. If there is a basic need of survival, a basic need of protection, people will move whatever obstacles are put in their way. 

Those obstacles will only make their journeys more dramatic."

António Guterres, High Commissioner for Refugees

A little boy, his mother and sibling washed up on the shore.

A fence.

I don't know why this is happening. But I do know that asylum seekers are people.

Like you and me. Like your mother, father, brother, child.

They are people. You and me.

Yet unlike us, they happened into a world of war, discrimination, poverty, injustice, unrest. Unlike us, home isn't an option.

Our government has focused on 'stopping the boats'. We send people seeking asylum to detention centres in impoverished countries. Australia receives just 1% of all the new asylum seeker claims submitted around the world in a year. We continue to lag when it comes to extending the number of asylum seekers we embrace.

What does this mean? So far it has meant deflecting the issue elsewhere. It has meant the further victimisation of vulnerable people.

What lapse in humanity is this?

What bloody mark on the fabric of the human soul.


  1. Well said, Maria! Here's hoping 'people power' shames the govt into doing more.



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