a Jaw-dropping home

Avid Grand Designs fans (I'm obsessed) know that interiors shouldn't just be functional. They have the power to lift our spirits, to calm, to enliven. If you're not enveloped by a sense of tranquillity when you enter your home, if it's not a haven (ignoring overly spirited children and/or pets) make it an objective to make it so. If it's filled with 'stuff' that doesn't bring you joy, don't put up with it. My post from the other day might help.

Then if you lived in this home - a converted mill in Nimes, southern France, the home of interior designer Marie-Laure Helmkampfyou wouldn't have an issue. It was featured in this Spanish magazine a while back. You can even see a live tour of the home via this clip, which is in French so I have no idea what is said. Enough said, pictures say a thousand words. Enjoy...


  1. What a stunning home - cozy and spacious/fresh at the same time, very inspiring!



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