honey in the shower

I keep two jars containing honey in the shower. One is straight-up honey which I use a few times a week for a very gentle clean. The other is mixed with castile soap and water to create an uber gentle facial cleanser that I use every day. Unlike other facial cleansers, I never get that horrible dried pulling feeling you can get in the time between drying your face and applying your moisturiser. It's never failed me, this cleanser.

So I thought I'd share the 'recipe'. Now this is the thing, as a former lab scientist I spent years practising precision measuring down to the MICRO litre and now I feel a guttural aversion to such things. This is why the recipe below doesn't state measurements. I just chuck stuff in a jar and shake to blend. I go by common sense. You too.


Pure liquid castile soap (I use Robyn's Soap House, it's made locally near me. I think Dr Bronner's is too harsh)
Warm water
a clean jar with lid or squirt bottle

Pour honey into jar to fill about 1/4 of it. Add castile soap until the jar is half full (so another 1/4). Fill to the top with warm water. Shake vigorously until blended. Keep in the shower and use as a daily facial cleanser.

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  1. Nice and simple. Will have to try it!



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