3 steps to Good living

Let's use the term 'good living' instead of 'sustainable living'. I'm sick of the word 'sustainable'. It's had plenty of stage time in the last few years but I feel we could be missing the point. Sustainability is about Goodness... a way of living that is Good for our planet, Good for our people and Good for our animals.

What's Good? Oxford says:

  1. 1.
    to be desired or approved of.

  2. 2.
    having the required qualities; of a high standard.

  1. 1.
    that which is morally right; righteousness.

  2. 2.
    benefit or advantage to someone or something.

  1. 1.
    Healthy, well.

Why am I banging on about the word? Because I really really really believe that if more of us concentrated on Good Living, everything else would fall into place. If we concentrated on Good Living, we'd desire only what is of a high standard/quality, that which is morally right, that which benefits someone and something, that which brings health and wellness...

Doesn't that equation equal eco-logical-friendliness?

Polluting products wouldn't fit anymore. Sweatshops wouldn't align. Neither would factory farming.

Artisan-made products would fit, helping those in need would align, as would eating chemical-free fresh food.

Don't you agree?

Instead of spurting out the word 'sustainable' and getting eye-rolls from your friends, spurt out the word 'good'. Nobody's going to think goodness is a bad idea, now are they?

Even hardened business man in grey suits and blue ties can't argue against goodness, can they?

Back to the post title. I've thought about how to reduce Good Living down to 3 easy steps, 3 steps that hit at the crux of it, from which everything else cascades into form. Perhaps they'll appear left of field at first glance. But not when you think about it:

  1. Declutter your home.
  2. Think quality over quantity.
  3. Practise mindfulness.

Let me explain:

1. Declutter your home
I've devoted a previous post to the virtues of decluttering (p.s for my tips on decluttering your wardrobe read this). In short, once you declutter, you will realise how much better you feel with less stuff around you and you will begin to get very choosy about what you let into your space (this is key). You will realise you can consume less, smile more (this is also key). Yes you will. Everyone who's done this reports back that they do.

2. Think quality over quantity
Now that you need/want less stuff and you are very choosy about what you let into your space, you're in a good position to think quality over quantity. You want quality, you don't want quantity. Quality means that the product/experience is... you guessed it... Good (see definition above). You'll be refusing anything that is polluting, anything that spreads disadvantage by underpaying people and destroying the environment, anything that detracts from your physical or emotional wellbeing.

3. Practise mindfulness
Don't switch off now. Hear me out. You don't have to don an amber robe and head to the mountains. Mindfulness is about paying attention to every single moment of your life. That's it. Just pay attention. Relish in it. If you do this, you won't mindlessly consume crap you don't need. And you'll think about whether what you're doing/buying is Good.

AdiĆ³s muchachos. xx

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  1. Totally agree, Maria! I've realised it is quite difficult to have a truly meaningful life, back to basics and nature. Everything is ready-made, 'conveniently' given if not pushed onto us. And we get lost in the sea of unnecessary information, things or opinions. Most often we mistake opinions for facts, thinking it's a shortcut, but we loose our ability to deconstruct and understand basic things. Thanks for the reminder, well said!

  2. decluttering at home is so cathartic, isn't it? it sometimes saddens me that there is so much poisonous and unnecessary crap shoved in our faces all the time that we really have to make that conscious decision to seek goodness in our lives.

    i have just discovered your blog and am thoroughly enjoying reading all of your posts! (hilarious about the overuse of the word "sustainable" - it's even in my blog title ha! however i almost couldn't agree with you more, it certainly has had a bit of a work out, to say the least...)

    1. Ha ha, thanks for commenting and WELCOME to the blog! Glad you're enjoying the posts :)



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