Voyeuristic it may be, yes, but I love reading about what sequence of activities people partake in of the early morning hours. Those moments are intimate. Sharing them helps to connect with fellow humans in a 'we're all human' kinda way.

It's handy then that 'Morning Routines' is one of the Blogisphere's favoured topics (there's even a dedicated site). But to be frank, most of the accounts I read make me cringe. They seem too perfect, too... routine, too.... focussed-on-healthy -habits-to-the-point-of-being-militaristic. In my mind, a 'perfect routine' is utterly unforgiving, which in my mind is utterly suffocating. I like things fluid and negotiable. And sometimes a bit unhealthy, fuck it. Rigidity makes my bones ache.

On the other hand, I fully appreciate the importance of designing a bespoke launching pad from which to bound into the unknown of the day. The mood you set in the immediate post-wake period can determine the mood you carry for the rest of the day. It's why "getting out of bed on the wrong side" has become the idiom it has become. 

Selfishly, might I add, waking up ahead of time so that you may have a morning routine gives you your time.  The rest of the day's waking hours must be shared with others and probably largely on other people's perfect terms. But those precious moments between you rising out of bed and the rest of the household/world catching up is just yours. Just. Yours.

Finally, there's a stillness to the early morning that is unattainable for the rest of the day. 

As such, I've designed a bespoke morning routine that is utterly imperfect. And hardly routine.The only thing certain is that I rise well before I have to and I involve coffee. I do nothing particularly healthy. But I definitely do things that bring me joy, which a morning routine must do. Otherwise, what's the point?

Consider this a little perve into my mornings. And perhaps validation of your own imperfect morning (or desire for)?

I wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than I have to. This means at a whoppingly ludicrous hour of 5:30am.
This is My Time.

I sometimes spend 5 minutes practising a gratefulness exercise, if I'm feeling a bit shitty.

Then I try my dandiest to think of not much at all. I simply try to be present.

I make a full cup of strong coffee using an Italian espresso machine. 

While it's brewing...

Sometimes I'll hop outside and take a few deep breaths of fresh dewy air.

Sometimes I'll walk around the house touching all the plants and flowers.

Sometimes I'll stretch.

Then I get back into bed, under the covers and drink the coffee.

While I peruse house design magazines.
Just because this brings me joy.

I don't look at screens.

At this point, my dog usually jumps on board and we snuggle.

My husband grunts.

Then I hop in the shower and get ready to launch.

I don't sip 103ml of kombucha or balance on my head for 20 minutes whilst meditating on my chakra.* 

No matter how frazzled the rest of the day gets, at least, AT LEAST, I've had My Time.

You? Got an imperfect morning routine you'd like to share? Share away below!

*It's okay if you do, don't get me wrong. So long as you don't have a nervous breakdown if you skip it one morning.


  1. To say I loved your line "I touch all my plants and flowers" is an understatement.
    Perfectly imperfect....just the way life should be.

  2. I think everyone loves that quite time in the morning. We rise at 5am here on the farm and my husband is gone to work by 5..45am - this is our time to talk with just us. Then at 6am i have the house to myself until about 6.30- its the only time in the whole day that I feel like ironing - so the basket is there ready for some 'ironing meditation ' really is the one time of day that I enjoy ironing .Oh and 7am usually involves coffee and something chocolatety which starts off my breakfast .

  3. Love this! So refreshing - there is too much holier-than-thou stuff out there. I think a rigid routine only sets you up for disappointment when it doesn't go to plan.

  4. I love this too. Thanks for sharing!



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