I'm loving this idea: trading

by Grown & Gathered

I'd never heard of the guy who put up a red paper clip for trading and 14 trades later, wait for it... got a house. Had you?

Or this guy, who has been traversing the planet for the past two years by trading his photographic skills for travel, accommodation and food.

This girl trades loaves of sourdough bread for stuff.

This couple trades flowers for stuff.

Evidently, it's a phenomenon.

How do people think of this stuff?

I want in.

This is the stuff of old-skool commerce. The sort of commerce that has gone by the way-side because we're all too busy working to make money to... trade for stuff.

Interesting huh?

And clever.

Shantanu (the guy trading photography), has this to say about it:

"Hopefully through The Pixel Trade, I will be able to inspire others to start thinking about the world and people around them in terms of their attributes, not their wallets." 

I have (some) time. I have (some) skills. What can I trade? And for what?

Hm. I have to think about it. But I'll let you know soon.

Anyone reading this trade(verb)? 

Comment below if you do!

Have an ace day.


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