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The thought of throwing rotten food in the bin is only slightly more distressing to me than having the same thing for lunch two days in a row. Ergo, I've devoted a lot of brain capacity to making use of leftovers in a more-fun-for-my-tastebuds kinda way. I don't do monotony.

Here, then, is a listicle of ways to re-jig your leftover bits and bobs into brand new dishes. The kids won't even know they're eating the same thing twice!


Firstly, by way of an important community service announcement, don't go bastardising the toasted sandwich by using a sandwich press. NO. A jaffle maker is one of the only electric kitchen gadgets I celebrate. Get yourself one.

Buy or make a loaf of good sourdough. Cut thin slices, butter them silly then stuff them with whatever leftover you have. Add fresh herbs or chilli flakes or other spices to spruce up the flavour. You simply can't do this in a sandwich press as you'll just get filling spilling everywhere. Two dinners ago I ate a jaffle stuffed with leftover grilled sardines, mint and chilli flakes. My friend in Singapore stuffs her jaffles with leftover spaghetti bog. Yes!


A double-whammy waste-saver as it uses up old bread as well as leftover meat. Whiz up old bread (or you can use store-bought breadcrumbs or polenta too) into breadcrumbs and pour into a bowl. You can add some dried herbs to the breadcrumbs for extra flavour.

In a separate bowl, whisk an egg or two. Grab a third bowl and add some plain flour. Pull off bite-sized bits of the meat (whatever it is, this works well with roasted chicken, pork, lamb, beef, duck, fish...) and coat them first in the flour, then the egg, then the crumb mix. Gently fry them in a shallow pan with a little quality cooking oil. This doesn't take long since the meat is already cooked - it's just about heating the meat while crisping the coating. Serve with steamed vegies and salad.


You can chuck all manner of leftover goodies in a pot, top off with extra vegetables and stock or water and turn it into a tasty soup. A few weeks ago I did this with leftover whole roasted fish (I added the bones and all) and it was one-pot perfection.


A perfect way to use leftover stews and casseroles. Pour the leftover in a pie dish and top off with mashed potato or pastry. Bake in  a moderate oven until topping is cooked through. This works with meat as well as vegetable/lentil/bean stews.

grabs of my #lovefoodhatewaste bites, from my insta account


Grab leftover veggies such as steamed broccoli or roasted veg, smash up in a bowl, add a small amount of beaten egg so the mixture just comes together, add seasoning and shallow fry until golden on both sides. Add crumbled feta for extra bite. Portable little suckers too!


A leftover osso bucco, for eg, can easily convert into a 'ragu' to serve with good quality pasta. Likewise with steamed or roasted vegetables. Add extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and a little stock to the pan, add your leftover veg, heat up, add the pasta, top with parmesan.

And a bonus:

Turn leftover chicken into a curry!

Got some clever ways to reuse leftovers yourself? Please share below.



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