I adore eating meat as much as the next person But I abhor the thought of it coming from an animal that's spent a miserable existence in a closed shed with no access to the outdoors and no ability to perform its natural behaviours. Which, sadly, is the case for 90% of the pork and chicken products we eat in Australia today.

So the way I see it, the clincher is this - if we don't like something but change nothing about how we act, then nothing will change. Non? So, I changed how I acted. I stopped buying meat produced in that manner. I started buying meat from farms that I knew where A-OK, that I knew were farming in a way that aligned with my own ethical standards and values.  They do exist. They do.

The catch? Price. Costs a little more to buy the kind of meat I'm OK with. Which is fine. It costs the farmer more to produce. They pass the cost on. Fair, I say.

To adjust to the price difference, I adjusted the way I eat. I started eating less meat and eating it less often (once or twice a week, not every day). I started eating more vegetables. Way more vegetables. And I bloody love it. It's really the best way to eat. I've written about that before, here and here.

Don't know how to eat less meat and more veg? (If not lamb chops and mashed potato for dinner, then what?) Monday 24th March marks the start of Meat Free Week in Australia and is The Perfect Opportunity to learn how to do just that. I did it last year and you can read what I learned from the experience here.

This year I also put together A Meat Free Week ecookbook, featuring 21 recipes - 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners - which you can download from Sustainable Table's website for a glorious price of $0 (yes, free - click the image below to go there, like, now).

The ebook features recipes from ace food bloggers including Teresa Cutter (The Healthy Chef), Belle Gibson (The Whole Pantry) and Megan Young (Veggies and Me). I've thrown a few recipes in there too but I wouldn't call myself ace.

The ebook also includes tips on how to eat meat sustainably and links to source ethical and sustainable meat.

Each recipe is tasty, nutritious and easy, so I reckon you should download regardless of whether you're thinking of doing Meat Free Week.

Here's a sneak peek inside:

That is all. As you were!


  1. This looks to be a terrific book Maria. Thanks so much for sharing. I was going to add that one of the most affordable free range meats available is of course Aussie grown lamb. The other good thing about lamb is that it is growth hormone free as lambs are raised on grassy pastures. No antibiotics used in their rearing either. Goat is equally good. These are my favourite meats.

  2. Hi Maria, I love what you're doing on your blog. I tried to download your cook book but the link doesn't work. I went to www.sustainabletable.org.au and the link to the book didn't work either. Any chance of you looking into it? I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    1. Hi Anon, the website was down for a little while yesterday but everything seems to be working fine now.. I can get to the link no probs. Hope it works for you now.

  3. Hey Maria!

    I'm not having much success with downloading the ebook :(

    Is it meant to download to my desktop/downloads or will it be emailed to me? I've twice (on different days) entered my email address and clicked 'download'. Would love it if you could help as I have been wanting to expand my veggie-repetoire!

    Thanks to both you and The Sustainable Table for your generosity!!

  4. Wow, this is great, thank you for sharing! :)



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