The boat house on the lake sadly burnt down a little while back. I took this photo during my last trip to Daylesford.

Needing a few days of doing not much else but eating, eating, drinking and eating? I've just had those few days and here is what they looked like, in case you'd like to indulge too. Here, my slow foodie guide to Daylesford & surrounds:

P.S This is not a sponsored post, just places I thoroughly enjoyed and therefore want to share.

Tip: Pack lotsa warm layers, it can get nippy up there!

One of my favourite weekend getaways only 1hr out of Melbourne. Beautiful environment, friendly locals, superb food, fresh clean air, etc etc.

Wombat Hill Cafe 
In the Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, it's a must. Go there for breakfast. They serve house-made crumpets!! with cinnamon poached rhubarb and local honey. You can eat your meal amongst their vegie garden. If you have the lungs for it, climb the lookout tower for a bird's eye view of the ranges.

Larder, on the main street (Vincent St)
Go here for a rustic wholesome lunch. Think locally farmed pulled pork and slaw in a brioche bun. The hush puppies are moorish but are for the brave (who doesn't love fried cheeseballs... until they hit your IBS belly).

Frangos & Frangos
On the main street. Indulge in dinner at this joint, you won't regret it. Stunning interior and courtyard, equally stunning cuisine and local wines. I felt like I was in a dining cellar of a rustic restaurant somewhere in the South of France (which in fact I have been to and this place did remind me of). I had one of the best meals I've ever eaten (here and there).

Ocean trout, pearl couscous, saffron and other beautiful bits at Frangos & Frangos

This is Frangos & Frangos little cafe cousin, just next door. Very cute rustic interior design, the exterior is covered in grapevines. Go there for woodfired oven pizza and scrumptious Greek-style sweets.

The Perfect Drop
Before dinner, head over to this little gem, just past the main street on Howe Street, for a glass of local wine. I sat but a smidgen away from Diver Dan, for all those Seachange fans ;)

An institution in this neck of the woods. If you're after a light lunch, a rustic cake or to pick up some local produce, it's the place for you.


Spicy carrot soupey lunch at Cliffy's

Wine and the Country
On the main street, a cute little wine cellar serving top notch coffee in beautiful handmade porcelain cups. Have a coffee, then follow it up with tastings of the local wines. They also have a great selection of local gins and vermouth.

Superb coffee in beautiful ceramic cups at Wine and the Country

The Secret Pool
I'd been to Daylesford countless times without discovering this gem. This time I got a local's tipoff to visit a secret pool in the woods at the end of 6th Street. Very cool!

Be respectful, the secret pool is traditional Aboriginal land

The Lake House
Even if you can't afford to eat here, a renowned culinary and accommodation experience, you can walk around the gardens and enjoy the stunning views.

The Mill Market
If you're a vintage wares lover, this place is your kingdom. Set aside a bit of time for it, there must be thousands of items to peruse.


On your way to Kyneton, take the drive through Trentham and visit the historic Red Beard Bakery. Grab some organic sourdough bread baked in a 19th century Scotch oven. Chat to the owner John about how most bread has ended up so bastardised today (I did this a year or so ago and still remember some of the disturbing facts!). Have a rustic lunch at their cafe. Their orange fruit buns are ESSENTIAL. They add a touch of cardamom to them!

Trentham's also home to Annie Smithers' latest venture du Fermier. French farmhouse style food served in a French farmhouse style way - no large menu, just what the chefs conjour out of the local and seasonal produce on offer, much of which is sourced from Annie's own kitchen garden. The setting is equally gorgeous.

A Quiet country town with some of the best restaurants and cafes of the region.

Monsieur Pierre
A cute little French deli/patisserie on Mollison Street. Great place for a superb morning coffee. You can also  pick up locally made French-style jams and chutneys.

Mr Carsisi
Absolutely amazing Turkish cuisine and local wines on the 'gourmet street', Piper Street. Try the Ginger Kid Ginger Beer, brewed in nearby Harcourt. Incredible. I went here for dinner. The food is stupidly good. So good that I stuffed myself silly to avoid wasting any of it. My dining companion couldn't believe how much I ate, adding it was a "stellar performance". Their ma'amoul (short bread biscuit stuffed with rosewater scented almond meal) is a must.

We ate squid stuffed with preserved lime pilaf and
 Milawa free range confit duck with pilaf and walnut sauce. Yes!

The ChairMakers Wife
Located on Piper Street, head here for a glass of local wine before (or after) dinner and have a yarn with the lovely creative couple who own it. The space also showcases a few of their wares (she makes bags and jewellery, he makes chairs) as well as a few quality and quirky bits 'n' pieces from around the world. Like hand made horse-hair pastry brushes from Germany (I snaffled one for my mum)!

Eclectic interior at the ChairMakers Wife

Mr Bean
One of the locals told me to go here for breakfast. It looks very Frenchy, very very cute, but the few tables meant I couldn't get a seat. Worth a visit I think, but get there early.

Annie Smithers
I headed to the adjacent Annie Smithers for breakfast instead. A renowned restaurant that also dishes up some pretty superb and unique morning grub. Probably the best ham, cheese and tomato toastie I've ever had (house-made french baguette, gruyere cheese, roasted tomatoes, locally-farmed smoked ham and dijon mustard).

Best breakfast at Annie Smithers

Little Swallow
GREAT coffee. Although I didn't eat there, the foodsmells from other patrons were mouth-watering.

To Stay:
This is where we stayed the night. Housed in an old bank building, the ceiling heights are out of this world. Gorgeous rooms and a great location, just a stone's throw from all the action.

Flop House
My pick for my next stay in the area. An incredible Scandinavian style lodge that is POOCH FRIENDLY! It couldn't get any better.

My pick for the next stay

The Stock Room
A very cool space for local artists and artisans to show their wares.


Stop at the Black Forest Farm Shop on Black Forest Drive in Macedon for fresh organic berries including strawberries, blackberries, apricots (whatever is in season at the time).  They also sell delicious house-made jams, chutneys and preserves. Years ago I went there and the Hungarian owner wanted to run inside his house and grab a dish of his wife's Hungarian goulash for us to try. He wasn't there this time, but enjoy cuddling the resident dogs, they love visitors.


  1. Thanks for these great tips - my mouth is watering thinking about it all (pulled pork on brioche buns!! Ocean trout!! Local wine!! Coffee!! Berries!! *droooool*).
    PS - your short hair looks super cute!

  2. Beautiful! (Hair, food, pics, info, post). Thanks...



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