Howdy. I like sharing natural beauty tips and tricks. I'd love to share with you and your crowd. Here's what I can chat about:

  • My personal journey towards a clean and natural beauty routine
  • Why conventional beauty and personal care products aren't so great for you
  • How to take care of your skin and hair using only 100% natural and safe ingredients (many of which are edible and you can grow yourself).

To book me for a natural beauty workshop simply email me here.

For info on me, go here.

A few comments from previous clients:

"Maria's workshop was a wonderful, relaxed experience. Maria has gleened some great info in her quest to simplify her beauty routine. With a focus on looking after your skin rather than covering it up, it was a breath of fresh air. Her message - by investing in a few good products (many of which you can find in your kitchen) and growing a few herbs in your garden, you can save money and achieve a chemical-free lifestyle that is good for your body and the planet." 
Caitlin, Founder, New Harvest Produce.

"Thanks so much Maria, so great to have such a lovely resource to show my nearly teenager how to care for her body naturally."

"Just wanted to let you know that after using avocado oil, my skin has settled down and feels so soft! Best it's felt for years. Thanks so much!"

"I can't wait to get into some 'cooking' of those yummy facial products!"


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