10 clever ways to get more vegetables in ya

There’s one thing for sure – if I don’t get enough vegetables in me in any one day, I get cranky. After a few days, I start feeling cruddy and blocked and violent. Yes, violent. I’m big on vegetables. Sadly, 9 out of 10 Aussies don’t get enough of the green stuff. Even those that think they do don’t, actually. We’re told to eat at least 5 serves of vegetables a day. There are few people who actually achieve this. I think I’m one of the minority that do.

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Over the years I’ve come up with clever ways (if I say so myself) of packing more vegies into my day, every day. I shall share:

I buy chemical-free vegies direct from farmers at a farmers’ market every weekend, so they are so fresh they actually taste good
I’m lucky to have access to a farmers’ market every weekend, I know this. If you don’t, consider joining a box system or CSA or co-op so that you have regular access to fresher, better tasting vegies.

I include vegetables in my breakfasts
I’ve written about this before. Hands-down it’s the best trick for improving your diet because what you eat first thing in the morning sets your palate for the rest of the day.

I grow a lot of my own vegetables
You grow it, you eat it. Otherwise you watch it wither and die.

I mix grated vegies in with mince when I make meatballs and hamburgers
I grate a couple of carrots, beetroot, pumpkin or whatever I have on hand and mix it through with the mince along with some spices and herbs. Because the vegies are grated they cook really quickly and give an extra sweetness to the meat. It also makes your quantity of meat go further.

When I’m thinking of what to cook, I start with what vegetables I have on hand
That way my meals revolve around vegetables as the largest component.

I eat by the half-plate model
I.e, half my plate is filled with non-starchy vegies.

I limit how many wheat and grain-based products I eat
E.g. when I cook a risotto, I add more vegetables than I do rice.

I eat only vegetarian meals 5 - 6 out of 7 days a week
It’s one of the 5 food adages I eat by. That way I’m forced to eat more vegetables, otherwise I’d starve.

I drink green smoothies
Green smoothies (as opposed to juices) are great because you can squish 2 or 3 serves of vegetables into one handy portable drink. I usually throw in some avocado, spinach or kale, cucumber and lemon juice. My natural beautyguide has a good recipe included.

At restaurants I ask for a side of vegies instead of chips or the usual lettucey-garnish they call salad, or dessert
Often I have to pay extra for a vegie side dish... I cringe and bare it, especially knowing I won’t be ordering a dessert.

Got any clever tricks you use to pack more veg into your day? Care to share?


  1. We do the green smoothie and growing your own is the best!I also cook things like 'beetroot chcoolate cake'..the vegetable adds most of the sweetness .
    I like your idea for restaurants though, I am over those little salads and chips covered in unknown seasonings.Now if we could just get restaurants to believe that children actually do eat veges , that would be a huge accomplishment-nuggets and chips are not what small kids live on at our house.

    1. I know! Why do they do that?? Every parent I know ends up ordering their child an adult meal so they can eat something nutritious!

  2. Agree with all of these especially about growing your own veg, it seems so much more precious when you have grown it yourself, I always seem to put in more effort in their preparation when they are from my allotment.



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