My usual shampoo concoction is liquid castile soap diluted with water, but truth be told I've found it a little too drying lately. Maybe the winter weather has something to do with it. Anyway, I've switched to this shampoo recipe and am stoked with it. My hair tends on the dry side and this shampoo cleanses AND leaves it soft and easy to brush.

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empty squidgy bottle (I use an old liquid soap bottle)
1/2 (120ml) coconut milk
2/3 cup (160ml) liquid castile soap
for dry hair add 1-2 tsp plant oil (jojoba, neroli, coconut, almond or argan are great)

Add portions of coconut milk and castile soap until you've filled your bottle to desired level. Add oil if using. Shake well to mix and shake before every  use. Mixture will last at room temp for about 1 month.

  • If your hair is on the oily side, use light coconut milk or make your own.
  • Use only organic coconut milk - the stuff you find in supermarkets (like the ayam brand) is too thick and not like real coconut milk at all.
  • Add up to 20 drops of essential oil for fragrance if you wish. Rose geranium, lavender, sandalwood and chamomile are good options but test for sensitivity first.
  • Castile soap - the more olive oil this is made of, the better. Look for at least 80% olive oil based.


You could also replace the coconut milk (same portion) with a strong herbal decoction or infusion. The herbs below are good places to start experimenting - they make hair soft and shiny and are great for your scalp:
  • Chamomile is good for lightening hair or highlighting golden tones
  • Rosemary is good for darkening hair or highlighting red tones 
  • Nettle is good for strengthening weak hair
  • Soapwort is super softening so great for coarse hair.

To make a herbal decoction:

Do this for woody herbs like rosemary, nettle and soapwort.

Boil about 20g of the dried herb or 45g fresh herb in 500ml water for approx 10 minutes. Allow to cool before draining for use.

To make a herbal infusion:

Do this for delicate herbs like chamomile.

Infuse 20g dry or 45g fresh herb in 250ml water as you would for tea. Leave to cool before straining for use.

Happy shampoo making.


  1. you can use it as body wash and for shaving.



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