a new robe... for now

Allo. You may have noticed things looks a wee bit different around here.

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Actually this isn't the Grande Reveal just yet. Consider this an interlude, before the curtains go up on the (real) next act. Simply put, I thrive on change so much so that the static blandness of my blog was irking me. I'm like this at home. I fluff about shuffling colour-matched book piles about and moving that piece of furniture to there, to suit my mood. I love it. Design should change as we do. When we're feeling bold and fun, design should be bold and fun. This is a bit more fun, don't you think?

Anyhoo, have a bold and fun day!

P.S Why should blog designs be static? Magazine covers change with every issue. Well then, you might find I change my robes every so often too. Because it's fun!



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