my simple life: things i do have that many don't

Last week I shared a list of some things I don't have that many do, yet manage to live a practical, efficient, fulfilling and meaningful life without. This week I'm sharing things I do have that many don't, which ties in nicely with the other list because some of the reasons why I do have the things I do is because I don't have the things I don't. Make sense?

Things I do have that many don't:

  • Time: to spend outdoors, to meditate, to write, to cook healthy meals, to cook from scratch, to spend with loved ones, to spend bush walking, to spend doing what I enjoy...
  • Space: to grow my own food, and space in my home
  • A creative outlet: this blog, through which I get to share my musings with good-hearted folk
  • A sense of how I'm connected to everything on Earth: I don't think many people think about that, about how each of us is one tiny part of a large and intricate ecosystem
  • A medicinal garden
  • A desire for less stuff, not more
  • A growing (work in progress) ability to live in the moment: only because I'm working very hard for it
  • A toxin-free-as-possible home
  • A toxin-free-as-possible diet
  • A toxin-free-as-possible beauty and personal care routine
  • Good health: partly, I'm sure, because of the things I don't have and those I do.



  1. Hi Maria,
    Love your blog and have been following for a while.. Wondering if you can post on what you have in your medicinal garden, because i'dlove to start one myself.

    1. Hello, funny you should ask because I've just started putting together a blog post about that very topic! Stay tuned...



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