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When the lovely Gina and Christian from Pumpkin Productions asked me, a little while back, to feature in a short video for their blog Kaboche, well... I almost fell off my chair I did. We met for a coffee, chatted sustainable food, swapped quitting sugar stories and a blink later I was in front of a camera sharing my best natural beauty tips.

To watch just click on the image below. But be warned - I sound as though I'm all of 10 years old, despite my 31 odd years on this planet. This is just how I sound on video. Sadly this means I can never be a platinum-selling recording artist.

Oh, and we filmed in three parts, so watch out for parts 2 and 3 soon.

And keep an eye here on this blog for my post on 101 things you can do with castile soap, coming soon.

Meanwhile if you want to read up on why I don't use conventional beauty products, click here.

If you are yet to download a FREE copy of my Natural Beauty Guide, go forth here to this link!

Have a super day!


P.S Filming day was a ferociously sunny day! Hence the squinting.


  1. Hi Maria
    The video is great. I must say you do not sound like a 10 year old. You have a wonderful strong voice that projects well and is pleasing to listen to. We love following your blog which has inspired us to try natural products and DIY beauty products. My 17yo daughter asked the other night what she can use to remove make up. The fact that she asked and didn't just reach for the commercial product is testimony to the influence your blog has had on us. One problem though. We have prescribed but have not received your natural beauty guide. Is there a way to download? Would love to read it.
    With many thanks from J and S

    1. Thank you J and S, that's so nice of you to say. Am very happy to hear you and your daughter enjoy the blog! There is a link to the guide in the final confirmation email, but if you are having trouble with it just drop me a line at and we can go from there. P.S try natural yoghurt or a plant oil like jojoba or almond to remove make up. Cheers!

  2. Hi Maria
    Thanks for the cleanser tip. We make our own yoghurt so can easily (and cheaply) use this or oils from the pantry. Also, located the Beauty Guide. Brilliant. Thank you so much. J and S

  3. Great video, thanks for posting! I agree, you came across wonderfully well; natural, relaxed, & with positively glowing skin... the perfect walking advertisment for natural skin care...



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