a (home made) christmas gift guide #3

Okay, this is my last Silly Season gift guide for the year and it's my favourite because it's ho-ho-home made all the way (sorry!):

christmas eats hamper

herb oil

This is a cinch to prepare but packs a punch with flavour. I used sage and bay leaves from my garden but you can use whichever fresh or dried herbs you fancy. Simply stuff herbs in a bottle, fill with the best quality olive oil you can afford, seal and allow to sit in a cool dark place for 2 weeks. You or the lucky recipient can then strain the oil into a clean bottle for use (discard the herbs). Great on a harvest table for dipping crusty sourdough in, or drizzled on grilled asparagus.

flavoured salt

A clever idea for the bbq lover. Pop some pink salt (or other lake or unrefined sea salt) in a mortar, add desired amount of dried herb and pound until fragrant. I used pink salt and dried oregano in the concoction pictured above. Super for bbq chicken, mushrooms, fish, you name it.

preserved lemons

I actually started this process a month ago, but you can start now and label with the opening date. Use however many lemons you wish. Just cut into quarters and stuff into a sterilised jar. Add 2 tablespoons salt, a few bay leaves and a teaspoon of whole cloves (juniper berries are also good). Fill with freshly squeezed lemon juice to cover (notice mine aren't covered but they've still worked out a treat). Seal and keep in a dark cool place. They're ready to use in cooking after about 6 weeks. Be sure not to open the jars any sooner.

image by Olive Ford via taste

spiced nuts

I posted the recipe for my spiced nuts in this article a little while ago, here, 5 friggin good snack ideas.

raw cacao coconut butter spread

I tried this the other night (posted it on my instagram feed) and now I'm addicted. Which is fine because it's healthy. Make up however much you like, but the ratio is 1:1, i.e. 1 tablespoon coconut butter to 1 tablespoon raw cacao powder. Mix until well blended and fill a jar to give to your mate. They'll love you for it. Ultimate sugar free snack. Good replacement for nutella or the like. Do it.

natural home hamper

via frugallysustainable

natural dishwashing liquid

I found this recipe via Frugally Sustainable. You can also just use liquid castile soap mixed with water and vinegar.

via Nelly Kelly Designs

room spray

This recipe by Nelly Kelly Designs is great. I often just use water and essential oils. She also has a recipe for bug spray.

via lifehacker

lemon dust cloths

Apparently lemon dust cloths are the thing in the UK. I'd never heard of them before. But they make for a neat gift, I think. Try these instructions by Life Hacker.

natural beauty hamper

get more natural beauty recipes in my Natural Beauty Guide here.

lavender scrub

Impress a mate or your mum by making her your very own natural scrub. Mix nut meal (almond meal is always good) with a cold-pressed plant oil (almond or macadamia are easy) until a thick sludge is formed (do this straight into the presentation jar). Blend in a couple of teaspoons of dried lavender buds. You can use salt or brown sugar in place of the nut meal.

cacao, coconut & macadamia butter lip & body balm

I posted the recipe for this a while back. It lasts forever, I'm still going through mine and it hardly looks like I've scratched the surface! Get the recipe here.

Want more natural beauty recipe gift ideas? Grab yourself a copy of my Natural Beauty Guide here.

Also check out my Christmas giving guide #1 and guide #2 (with some special offers).

Got any clever home made gift ideas you'd care to share?


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