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I’ve received such brilliant feedback from my Natural Beauty Guide over the past month. People seem to be loving the tips, loving the way their skin is looking and loving the extra dosh in their pockets from not having to buy expensive products any longer. Goodo!

You can download My Natural Beauty Guide here, for free, by the way.

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Excitingly, I came across another natural beauty enthusiast, Lise Racine. Lise, who runs a small biodynamic natural skin care business called The Herbal Gardener, is a strong believer of the power of plants to heal and beautify. Her farm, located on the Gold Coast, is testament to this – full of traditional healing and skin-loving plants including calendula, yarrow and more. I asked Lise to give us her tips on growing our own little natural beauty garden at home (I have a patch dedicated to natural beauty and skin care), and to share her favourite natural beauty tips...

Lise, in her calendula forest. via theherbalgardener

Your beauty starts. . . on your plate

Eating raw greens is a must for healthy skin. For this reason I sow in my garden a variety of tantalising lettuces such as cos lettuce, buttercrunch, Darwin, pink frilly, speckled lettuce, endive, radicchio, you name it.  I also love to grow coriander, parsley, rocket, basil, dill and society garlic.  With such variety on my plate I always look forward to eat my daily salad dressed with Australian organic olive oil.  Ask my children - the green salad is the first thing that is put on the plate as it stimulates the gastric juices and the flow of bile from the liver, ensuring good digestion and mineral absorption.

Garden must-haves

Now that we have taken care of the plate, let’s see look at a few herbs that would be wise to grow in your garden:

I am thinking of a trio for a facial steam bath:  comfrey leaves, yarrow and calendula flowers.
Comfrey is generous in its growth of leaves most of the year.  Yarrow will blossom at spring time with pink, white or purple flowers.  Calendula (my favourite) will blossom from May until October.

Cleanse and moisturise with a herbal steam bath

A herbal facial steam bath is a magical little ritual that will enliven and deeply cleanse your skin.  The moist and warm steam will help your pores to open and breathe.  It will also moisturise your skin while promoting better circulation.  While the steam enters the layer of the skin, the different herbs will bring their healing qualities.

A steam bath is not recommended if you suffer from acne, rosacea, sensitive, sunburned skin or have broken capillaries.

To prepare:  

  1. First cleanse the skin well.  Next bring slowly to the boil 3 cups of purified water to which you add some of each one of the herbs mentioned above.  By some I mean 1-2 teaspoons if they are dried, double the quantity if they are fresh.  Just before boiling point, take off the heat and let infuse for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Set the saucepan on a stable position (the kitchen bench is the best and safest option (you want to be safe and not get burned with hot water).  Take the lid off the saucepan and with a bath towel over your head, lean over the saucepan creating a little tent with your head inside.  Close your eyes during the steaming and keep your face 30 cm away from the saucepan to avoid too much heat.  Relax and breathe deeply and slowly.  The steam can go on for 10 minutes.
  3. Once the steam is gone, slightly pat dry your face and neck and apply raw honey for another 10 minutes.  Wash off, tone and apply a gentle natural moisturiser.  Your skin will feel smooth and soft.

 A simple toner

To make a simple and effective toner at home, mix one cup of purified water with a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar.  It may not smell likes roses but it is definitely a plus for the purse and it will do a fine job on your skin while helping to balance the pH.

Got any natural beauty tips you’d like to share? Growing your own little beauty patch in your backyard?


  1. I have just discovered your blog and so very grateful. Recently learned of The Story of Stuff project and have also been very keen to work towards a more eco way of life. Finding your blog has me very excited about how helpful it will be in creating a better life for my kids especially. Also super interested in the natural beauty guide. Thank you! x

  2. hey.. thanks for this great tips... i will surely try it out. Once again thanks as i was thinking to join some professional beauty parlor course to learn this. You saved my penny.

  3. This is great for minor illnesses, scrapes and irritations. Having an herbal first-aid kit is great when you are out on day trips or even to take with you on vacations. essential oils

  4. Face whitening creams are formulated to reduce melanin secretion so as to lighten up skin tone.



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