Yipee! My Natural Beauty Guide is here here.

If you're already a subscriber, you should already have received a copy of the guide. I truly hope you enjoy it. Have some fun with it. Putting stuff on your skin that you know is clean and safe will make you feel good all over.

Remember, to get your hands on a copy you need to be subscribed to my Friday emails. If you haven't already, sign up here (and you shall receive).

Meanwhile, for those yet subscribed and kinda still thinking about it, here's a snippet of the guide:

Enjoy and have a terrific weekend.

Maria xx

I would love to know what you think of the guide. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


  1. I read your ebook last night and feel completely inspired. I'm in the midst of changing over our household cleaners and our faces and bodies are next. I have hesitated using normal baby products on my 6 month old daughter and knowing that I can use these alternatives from now means she can avoid the toxic overload I've experienced.
    The book is pretty to look at and easy to read. Thank you for compiling the book. I'm looking forward to shopping day and getting into this natural care- it's going to be so much more fun.

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback, so glad you like it! Let me know how you go.

  2. Looks wonderful Maria, looking forward to having a good read of it over the weekend. Huge congrats x

  3. Hi Maria,
    I've been looking forward to your new guide and was pleased to get your Friday email saying that it was available. Unfortunately I am having trouble downloading/opening it. I keep getting a message that it has been corrupted...

    1. Hi Di, I'm so sorry you're having trouble opening the link. Not exactly sure why. Are you using Internet Explorer by any chance? The link doesn't seem to be working so well in I.E. If so, try this:

      1. hover your mouse cursor over the link in the email(over the word HERE), right-click and select 'copy shortcut' or 'copy link address' (whichever it reads)
      2. open a new window in your browser
      3. paste the copied shortcut into the new window.

      The PDF should then open.

      Give that a go and if you're still having trouble, email me at econestblog@gmail.com and we'll sort it out.

      Thanks Di.

  4. Hi Maria!

    I absolutely love your blog and your Natural Beauty Guide is fantastic! Have made special mention of you in my latest post on my blog :-)).

    Thanks for such wonderful tips.

    Liz x

    1. Hi Elizabeth, sorry for this late reply, just saw your comment. Thank you so much, so happy you're enjoying my blog and guide! Thank you for popping it on your site (which I've just had a browse through and love - so much vibrant energy!). xx Maria

  5. Hi
    I think i missed: My Natural Beauty Guide is here here.
    I have signed up though, is there any chance i could be emailed it again?
    thanks jess

    1. Hi Anon! You should have received a link to download the Guide in your final subscription confirmation email. If you haven't received it, email me at econestblog@gmail.com. Cheers - Maria

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