this makes me smile, and lightens my heart

Heard this story yet? It's the one about Winston Howes and his heart felt tribute to his late wife, Janet. It (this tribute) was just recently discovered by a British balloonist as he hovered over Wotton Hill.

The story goes like this: After the death of his wife, to whom he'd been married for 33 years, British farmer Winston wanted a space to remember her by. In a flash of inspiration, he planted 6,000 oak trees in a nearby field. He planted them in the shape of a heart. The base of the heart points to his wife's home town. He says, "I often go down there, just to sit and think about things".

This is it:

This story, this act of love, will forever remind me that things can be real, and simple, and honest, and that love can last beyond our years.


  1. Thats so does make my heart smile :)

  2. what a lovely way to remember a loved one

  3. I just love your last line....real, simple, honest and love that can last beyond our years...



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