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In case you missed my little announcement last week, I'm working on a snazzy guide to all natural beauty remedies, so you can be done with expensive (be it organic or not) face creams and cleansers and hair treatments and the like.

The guide, which will be free so long as you're signed up to my Friday e-newsletter, is full of clever beauty ideas that primarily revolve around herbs, flowers and plant oils. I say 'ideas', not 'recipes', because they are so stupendously quick and easy to put together that I don't believe they warrant the use of the word 'recipe'.

Here's a little taster... I use this mask once a week or so. It gives me a little lift. I honestly feel perkier afterwards (a bit of aromatherapy action I think). My skin feels tighter. It looks more... radiant? Cacao is high in antioxidants and helps to rejuvenate and moisturise skin.

cacao mask

This is great for normal, dry or oily skin. And it tastes yum.

1 level tbsp raw organic cacao powder (or grind up some cacao nibs yourself)
2 tbsp water

Combine the two ingredients in a small bowl, using your fingers. It takes a little coercing to get the mix into a nice smooth paste. You want it to be quite a loose paste. Apply to a clean face. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. If you skin is dry, don't allow the mask to dry out. Follow with a tea toner and a moisturising plant oil. I like coconut oil.

Please do add some ingenious beauty ideas you might have...


  1. I fear that I would just eat this and not use it as a mask!

    1. Ha ha, it's a risk. The smell is amazing, it really cheers you up!

  2. Hi Maria, you may have already seen this, but I thought I'd pass it on. It's an article from CNN about the possible link between perfume and diabetes. Just another reason to reduce and eliminate one's use of cosmetics:

    1. No I hadn't heard such a thing, thanks!



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