This is real food.

When you live in an area with FOUR large supermarkets within a 2KM RADIUS, you can forget that there are people in this country doing some wonderful things with food, keeping food real. This video represents those people. It's not only beautifully filmed, but tantalisingly inspiring. Watch...

A few things to love about this...

  • There are people who care about the origin of food... and the taste, and the colour.
  • We eat only a teeny tiny percentage of the variety of fruits and vegetables available on this planet. Thanks to the big supermarkets, most of us think tomatoes only come in red, and carrots only in orange. But there are people (thank you Diggers Club) who are bringing back the old-school varieties that our great great grandparents would have taken for granted.
  • Mount Zero olive oil really is the bomb.
  • The Diggers Club is an amazing place for anyone wanting to just chill with some veg. They have the most capsicum plants per square metre on the planet. They also have a paddock-to-plate restaurant/cafe. And woodlands. And this incredible view over Port Phillip Bay...

For me, this video (which Sustainable Table first tweeted) really brought something home (apart from that I MUST get myself to the Royal Mail Hotel quick smart). The only way to nudge the restaurant industry towards a more sustainable future is by showing our support of those restaurants that are doing the right thing. And telling those that aren't, what we think. If we sit quietly over our grain-fed beef fillets and conventionally-grown vegetables at the latest hip restaurant - saying nothing to the staff, asking no questions about the origin of the food on our plate - we'll get nowhere.

I'd love to know if any of you have some favourite sustainable/organic restaurants to share?


  1. Ah, love posts like these! At our farmstay this morning, we have just baked a fresh loaf of bread for our guests, picked tomatoes, and basil from our garden to go with their locally grown bacon and freshly laid eggs!The thing our guests just adore is finding out where every single piece of food comes from and we love telling them.

  2. Nice post. If you like real food you might enjoy this cartoon about the food pyramid.



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