Bikes. They're good.

I'm a huge advocate of bicycling as a means of getting places. It gets us moving. (Something we don't do much of these days.) It's also better for the planet. One less car on the road. But you already know that.

How about these tidbits:

  • It takes just 1% of the energy used to make a car, to make a bike
  • For each km you ride your bike instead of drive your car, you save energy to the equivalent of running a 60-watt incandescent light globe for close to 5 hours
  • 30 minutes of riding a bike a day can halve your chance of obesity or diabetes
  • 53% of car trips in Melbourne are less than 5km.

For me though, riding my bike is about living slower. Yes, it does take me a tad longer to get to the local shops, but why do I have to get everything done quickly? What's the damn hurry? What the hell are we hurrying for?
I'm guilty of being sucked in by this fast-life mentality. Sometimes I do hop in the car so I can speedily pop up the road and pick up a sponge before it's too late. ????. It's exhausting. And at the end of the day I miss out on experiencing my surrounds:

A bicycle does get you there and more.... And there is always the thin edge of danger to keep you alert and comfortably apprehensive.  Dogs become dogs again and snap at your raincoat; potholes become personal.  And getting there is all the more fun.  ~ Bill Emerson

That said, our roads (particularly Melbourne roads) can be a bit iffy for rider safety. And we don't seem to have a driving culture that supports road sharing. 

It's all very well and good to propose more people ride more and drive less, but in order to get people on their bikes, we need to build better biking infrastructure. That's the reality.

I found this short clip (about 6 mins) the other day. It tells the story of how the Netherlands got such fantastic biking infrastructure. Power To The People:

We need to get a little more vocal for similar changes to happen here. If you're interested, and you're in Victoria, check out Bicycles Victoria VoteBike come election time. It's an online system which enables election candidates to publicise their bike-related policies, so you can vote for bikes.

But for now, I'm riding on.

If I can bicycle, I bicycle. ~ David Attenborough.

So here's some 'get on yer bike' inspiration. I discovered this gorgeously whimsical site called Rides a Bike a few months ago. I refer to it from time to time, when I want to smile.

I love the French.

It's very important to concentrate. Hard.


  1. very cool- definitely want to start riding a bike now!



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