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A teeny little post today, to share with you the amazing tour of an organic cattle and merino sheep farm I was lucky enough to experience last week. I was visiting with my work hat on (I work full time for an environmental organisation called Sustainable Table, in case I hadn't mentioned it before). I'll be posting the full story and my interview with these farmers on the ST blog in the next couple of weeks, but I just couldn't resist giving you a little glimpse now.

Glenardagh is an 86-year old family-owned farm not far from Kyneton in Victoria. It raised beef cattle and merino sheep for wool using conventional methods (chemical fertilisers and what not) for 80 years until 6 years ago the family converted to organic methods. That means absolutely no chemicals are used on the land, cattle feed off the grass on a rotational crop basis and land restoration work like tree planting and composting takes place. Why? It's a beautiful story, but as the six kids grew older, went to university and learned about environmental issues, dinner-time conversations began to revolve around how the farm was going to adapt to a changing environment. The kids (well, highly educated adults actually) wanted to ensure the farm their father and grandfather built was going to be around, was going to prosper, well into the future, so they could one day pass it on to their own children.

It's a conversion driven not only by wanting the best for the environment, but by wanting to protect their family's roots. The farm is their roots, and their future.

We sat around their big rustic kitchen table and sipped peppermint tea and ate organic sourdough fruit buns (with cardamom and orange zest - yes my first bit of sugar in a while) and talked about how much we love good food and french cows, and how much we hate junky food and supermarkets.

So a few pics from the day (and I'll let you know when the full interview is up on the ST blog)...

Danielle and Sam White, and Ruby the gorgeous farm dog
The original farm cottage (slept a family of 9 people back in the day. picture a house the size of your bathroom)
The french bull. He's handsome no?

A portion of their 2000 acre farm, mid-summer

Just a sun-through-a-gumtree shot

Hope you're all well xx


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