Slow death by canning

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At the risk of sounding sanctimoniously smug (not to mention effortlessly talented at alliteration), I'm glad I don't have a fetish for tinned tuna. Or coca-cola. Or canned chickpeas for that matter. Because, you may or may not be aware, these things can kill you. And it's not the mercury in the tuna or the unpronouncable additives in the Coke that'll do it (not just those, anyhow). It's, would you believe, the tin. BPA in the tin, to be precise. Yes, the same BPA you've probably purchased a sigg bottle to avoid. Unfortunately, that toxic little sucker is also used in the plastic lining of tin cans, including drink cans.

Banned in baby products in the EU, Canada and China (!), the Aus government committed to phasing it out of our own baby bottles and canned mush from last July, but are yet to committ to extending the ban to all food applications, something which France is on the verge of doing. Food Standards Australia New Zealand claim levels found in our products are low and of no public threat.

Yet only last year consumer group Choice tested 38 popular canned foods and found just one serving of 29 of them would give a 70kg adult more BPA than some experts now believe to be a safe daily level of exposure.
Quite a concern if you consider that BPA can mess with our hormonal system even at acutely low levels. Even scarier is the notion that BPA present in a pregnant mother can affect her offspring, a notion supported by a recent study that found that when pregnant mice drank water laced with BPA (at doses similar to those found in our environment), it interfered with the hormones of their mousey babies.

BPA has been linked to many illnesses including breast and prostate cancer, infertility and early puberty in girls, as well as ADHD. So it's not something you want to be popping in your mouth, even if it is via a tasty morsel of chilli tuna.

Let's be honest, when did anything canned taste better than the fresh version anyway? For the most part, we reach for the canned tomatoes because it's easier than chopping a few fresh ones ourselves. True? Me, I've managed to avoid canned products for months now but there is one I was missing like an unrequited lover... coconut milk. So dog-darn it I made my own. It's easy. And quick. And tasty. And BPA free. I'll post the instructions tomorrow.


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