So it's Christmas. Some inspiration (to get you through).

I've never been a huge fan of ye old Christmas. Actually, I fib, I used to be a fan until the Blue Gemini Incident, in which hooligans - who I can only assume were pimply and 16 and wearing desert boots - stole my blue Gemini, took it for a joy ride (who else would take a 1970s Gemini for a joy ride?) and ran the radiator dry, abandoning it roadside to be found by police days later. To my surprise they'd left my stash of spare coins untouched. In fact only one thing was missing - my carols tape, which I'd left in the radio. It would have automatically played when they turned the car on. Little Drummer Boy anyone?

That was it. Christmas was no longer my friend. You might say my festive spirit flew out the window along with that tape the 16-year-old-pimple-faced-desert-booted hooligans piffed out the window as they fanged down the freeway laughing themselves senseless over the fact that I was listening to carols... in June.


Anyway, I'm yearning for less Christmas this year. Less tinsel, less bertocchi ham, less 'light displays so convoluted they pose a fire risk' (and a gross misuse of electricity). Instead I'm hanging out for ocean swims, sand between my toes, salty air, sunkissed skin, salty hair. I'm heading to Coffs Harbour to visit family, and there I fully intend on spending quality time reconnecting with nature, enjoying what's real, simple, honest. Next year's going to be all about that.

So for what is my last post for 2011 (I'll be back in early Jan), I thought I'd leave you with a little inspiration - some beautiful photography to remind us of what we're a part of.

Happy, safe and harmonious holidays.

Maria x

Images by: Joe Howard, Elle, Nich Hance McElroy, Anabel Navarro, Jocelyn Catterson & Jeremy Daigneault, Glen Bowden, Laura Su Lilie, Abaca Photography, The Gingham Owl, Favim, Leeming & Paterson, last two by Maria Hannaford.


  1. Thankyou for all your thought provoking posts this year , Maria. Merry Christmas. I have really enjoyed reading your blog .

  2. Thank you Kim, so glad to hear you've enjoyed it! More to come next year. Have a wonderful Christmas :)

  3. I just saw this when I googled my name - thank you so much for using my photo (the Holga shot with the autumn woods). I just like to be credited, that's all. Thanks again :)



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