Ocean. Beauty.

Today, just this 4-minute clip, by cinematographer Marcus O'Brien, that made me smile. It's a reminder of how we connect with the ocean, how so many of us seek it as a place of solace, a place for rest and rejuvination, for therapy, and play.

PURE BRONTE from Marcus O'Brien on Vimeo.

People from all walks of life feel the pull of the ocean. We all feel its beat in our own hearts. Yet it is in distress, and sadly we've all played a part. Now it's time to fix it. I came across this initiative by Tim Silverwood a while back. It's such a simple message - Take 3. Each of us can make a difference to our beaches, waterways and oceans by taking at least 3 pieces of junk with us when we leave (even if it's someone else's).

If you haven't heard about Take 3 before, check it our here. You've also got to spend some time on Silverwood's site, checking out his videos and the work he's doing on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I should warn you though, anyone who loves the ocean might walk away with a tear or two.

This is why we must live more real.



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