Make your own... Coconut Milk

Following on from yesterday's post about how your canned corn kernels may be killing you, I thought I'd post a how-to for do-it-yourself coconut milk, because I for one love a good curry and feel we should be able to tuck in without the added guck...

Via Nourished Kitchen

How to make your own coconut milk

To make about 250ml of coconut milk you'll need:
  • one (or 2) coconut (brown or young)
  • screwdriver and hammer (for cracking)
  • 1-2 cups of hot water
  • a blender
  • a fine mesh cloth (like a cheesecloth)
  • a container or bottle to pour the milk into
  • a funnel is handy but not essential

Brown coconuts have a few 'dot sort of things' on one end. Find these and pierce the softest one so that you can drain out the liquid. Drain the coconut water into a glass. Then take the coconut outside and bang the hell of out it with a hammer until it cracks. I confess I get my hubby to do this. He uses a screwdriver and hammer. Here's a video showing you another (easier) way. Carefully scrape out the flesh with a knife or screwdriver. Peel the soft skin with a potato peeler.

Young coconuts are easier to crack and you can simply scoop the flesh out with a spoon. It's much simpler but the resulting milk is less creamy (but still delicious).

Place the flesh in a blender, pour in the coconut water and 1-2 cups of hot water. Blend until smooth.

Fold a fine mesh cloth a few times over, then place over the mouth of a wide bottle or container (use a funnel if you have one). Then pour the coconut mixture over the mesh, and squeeze out as much liquid as you can.

If you like, you can return the squeezed pulp to the blender, add more water and repeat the process. This second round of milk won't be as creamy as the first (obviously) but is great for milkshakes or using in cakes etc. The leftover pulp doesn't have much of a taste, but you can use it in cakes or smoothies for extra protein.

Store the coconut milk in a jar in the fridge. It keeps for a few days. You can alter the thickness by using more or less coconut v. water.


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