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The Society Co. is that nook in the heart of all of us that yearns for something different; 

solace from the daily grind; 

a glimmer that there is more to life than what we may have previously thought.

About Maria
Maria is an Australian blogger and environmentalist currently working with a sustainable food/environmental organisation. She's previously worked in mental health, chronic disease and neuroscience.

career highlights:
Maria has published a number of academic articles and co-authored a chapter in an international diabetes textbook. She's presented at various national conferences on everything from the latest findings in histamine research to the physical health outcomes of people living with mental illness. Her career highlight so far has been taste testing 40 dishes over six days whilst recipe testing for an up and coming cook book (not her own... not yet anyway).

a few other things:

  • Maria is 34, lives in a weatherboard cottage by the beach in Victoria, near the Mornington Peninsula, meditates (albeit badly), likes to eat, rides her bike, and likes taking photos.
  • She lives with her husband, two cats (Mishka and Hobo), one dog (Wilfred) and 3 chickens (Maggie, Loulou and Kopela).
  • She grew up drinking warm olive oil to soothe a sore throat and rinsing her hair with chamomile tea. This was entirely normal in her household.
  • She's a master of adaptation, having never had quite the right qualification for any job she's ever had. Her passion and commitment have always been what have gotten her over the line.

Contact me

"I love creative collaborations. If you have an idea and want to get in touch with me, email me at econestblog@gmail.com. Likewise if you have any topics you'd like me to blog about."



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  1. Nice to 'meet' you Maria. It's always nice to put a face to the words.

  2. Hi, Maria, I just wanted to thank you for crediting the artists in your pictures (specifically the piece you ran on Katrin Arens). Too many bloggers don't take the time and care to do so, which is a shame since the work of these artists and makers deserve the exposure (and sales). - Jean



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