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I've been thinking about cities lately, and whether even smart ones are the answers to our environmental predicament. Cities are intrinsically harder on the environment - they create waste, pollution, congestion, on a city scale. As cities expand in size and population, will it only get worse? It's towns, that's the answer, me thinks. Smaller than a city, more intimate, much greener. Towns allow us to live and breathe local. Their scale allows for real community, for innovation, adaptation, for a connection with the landscape that surrounds them. Towns may well be our future. And a new documentary on SBS is showing us how this may be.

Town is a beautifully crafted series in which geographer and adventurer Nicholas Crane explores four iconic British towns: Scarborough, Ludlow, Perth and Totnes. He discovers how each of these towns has overcome the pull of bigger cities and what they can teach us about living the urban dream, sustainably.

Unfortunately it's on Friday nights (7:30pm). Fortunately, if you've got Friday-night-things to be doing instead, you can catch all the episodes online. I watched the first episode here yesterday.


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