Living sustainably when you're not a hippy

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I have a friend who rolls her eyes whenever she hears the words green, eco, organic, or sustainable. To her, ‘eco-friendly’ conjures images of unshaven, patchouli-smelling hippies coming out of the bushes smoking joints and humming Puff the Magic Dragon, wearing rainbow tie-dye. Personally I love that image (minus the joints of course, say no to drugs kids), it makes me giggle. But my dear friend reels, as do many who have drawn the association that to call yourself an eco-warrior is to strap yourself naked to a tree.

Look past the overgrown underarm hair, wash off the essential oil and put a pair of pants on the tree-hugger and you’ll find that underneath it all, at the heart of those seemingly sanctimonious activists, is a genuine and undying consideration for the environment and the impact our actions have on it. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

To me, sustainable living is a state of mind. It starts with the understanding that we are one part of an intricately connected earth, and, therefore, that each and every action we take has a consequence.

Buying a packet of biscuits, or a block of cheese wrapped in plastic may not seem like a big deal, but that empty plastic packaging can’t go in our home recycling bins and ends up contributing to landfill; at best taking over 400 years to degrade on land, at worst causing the death of sea turtles who’ve mistaken it for food in our oceans.

You don’t have to stop using deodorant to live sustainably.

Just think about where it came from and what it’s wrapped in. Buy locally made products whenever you can, switch off at the power point and don’t be a Wally with water. Use foot or pedal power to get to the local shops, and when you get there, avoid buying things wrapped in non-biodegradable or non-recyclable packaging. It’s small everyday actions like these that will keep the world going around and ‘round. And as it turns out, what’s best for the environment is better for you too.

Eco Nest is dedicated to this philosophy, and each week will bring you ideas, from design to real food to everyday living, on how you can live a sustainable life and contribute to the wellbeing of this beautiful planet we call home. Minus the tie-dye.

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  1. What a great idea for a blog! Will defs be visiting again to see what you have in store for me :)

  2. Thanks so much Stacee! Glad to hear you like. Lots of ideas to come over the next few weeks. Would love to keep hearing your thoughts. Cheers!

  3. OH SO TRUE, Maria! You DON'T have to stop using deodorant - but it sure helps to know if there's a sustainable alternative out there! I am a 'trained greenie' myself (currently studying Sustainability at Uni, along with a VERY broad variety of peeps) but definitely do not consider myself 'a hippy'...have done my share of metaphorical tree hugging, if not actual, though...THANKYOU for pointing this out, 'PPtttht' to your eye-rolling friend, and keep doing what you're doing to raise awareness! A GOOD NUMBER OF US APPRECIATE IT GREATLY! :D



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