The Somers General Store

One of my very favourite Victorian cafes, the Somers General Store is all grown up. From humble 1920s corner shop that posted your parents' letters as well as sold you milk (and cleaned up the nasty cut on your knee before your mum saw it), the Store has been revamped into a sophisticated seaside cafe & produce store serving scrumptious meals and rich frothy lattes.

The fact that they offer gourmet meals - wild mushroom risotto, moroccan meatballs, pasta with braised rabbit and peas - well, that's one thing, but the decor, oh the decor! I'm in love with the quirky mix of new and vintage decorations, recycled tables and vintage stools, fine blown glass bowls and vases, (made by owner Leisa Wharington herself) and tree branches adorned with handmade cards and papier mache globes. Every detail has been thoroughly thought through, right down to the vintage crystal door handles, so that it manages to look all at once and effortlessly trendy and sophisticated, laidback and casual.

A place where you can devour a gourmet meal, sip on your latte and read the Sunday paper, then top it off with a lolly bag. Yes they sell lolly bags! On Fridays they serve fish & chips wrapped in newspaper. Ah, the good old days.


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