Daylesford, Victoria has to be one of my favourite autumn destinations. In fact, I don't think I've been there any other time of the year. An entire town devoted to comfort food and fireplaces. That's my idea of a restorative weekend away.

The menu board at Koukla.

Delicate Honey, Sultana and Rosemary Cake at Daylesford's Koukla. Eaten before lunch, of course.

Pork belly cooked to succulent perfection.

This has to be the epitomy of autumnal comfort food - farfalle with a rich goat ragu.

Possibly the most soothing corner in this picturesque town, Paradise Bookshop is a rambling delight of old books, magazines and records. And pencils...

For me, autumn spells curling up with a soft mohair blanket to warm my legs and a good book to enrich my soul.


Paradise Bookshop


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