Klopper (wares) store owner, writer and designer Jenny Lyon

Klopper (wares) is an insipiring and quirky homewares & gifts store, located at the South Melbourne Market in Victoria, that is embracing Australian made products and the sustainable decorating philosophy. Store owner, writer and designer Jenny Lyon sources gorgeous products locally made by very clever Australian designers and artists who give new life to vintage or recycled materials.

 Klopper (wares) owner Jenny Lyon

Tell me a little bit about Klopper (wares). When did you open the store and what inspired you?

I have always worked from home and now my kids are older I thought I should do something else. The market seemed like a great place to start, and I hassled the manager for almost 10 months to give me a stall. It is so much fun here. I spend most of my day chatting to people about their lives, I don't know if it's me, or the fact that there are lots of vintage things that remind people of their Mum's house, but we seem to get down to the basics pretty fast. I absolutely love that connected feeling - I have cried with customers and also rolled around the floor laughing at the funny things that happen in life.

My other job is doing the product section for Green magazine, I spend lots of time looking at the beautiful things people design, especially in Australia. It's easy to feel inspired by that.

What's your store philosophy?

I have never had any experience in retail so I am completely winging it. I basically buy what I like, I stick to local design and most of my vintage stuff is also made in Australia. We make seriously fabulous stuff here, and always have, there is no need to look elsewhere. So I would say: Australian Made.

From top left: vintage Australian pottery vase, vintage Danish peace dove vase, pewter mug-vintage spoons; Queen Bee beeswax candles; Jenny paints tiles and Aaron Mackenzie (Surface Pop) does the mini stick-ups; Able and Game cards; selection of local designers' bangles & buttons etc; Jenny's favourite soap from the Fremantle markets; 'craft queen' Pene Durston vintage tea towel cushions; tessellated mosaic tiles from a house near Jenny's.

What are you passionate about?

This is going to sound really daggy, but I reckon most people are great. I get such a kick out of selling young designer's things. It is so easy to sell stuff when you know it is supporting their careers. My customers are right up for it too. How great to feel like you are helping someone feel like what they are doing is worth something. It's great anyway, so you're not doing them any favours.

From where do you source your products?

All over, I scour markets around the place and meet people, auctions, op-shops. Craft Victoria has a market called Craft Hatch that fosters new designers. There is lots of good stuff there - but don't tell anyone.

Pene Durston purses, Stick 'em Up magnets, Little Sane St cards, funny old tins.

Three words to describe your store

Good. Things. Last.

What's your favourite piece?

It changes, at the moment I am sick for brown jugs. They were usually made by someone's Mum in a creative phase and their name is usually Helen, Jean or Joan.

Vintage brown jugs Jenny loves and gorgeous Clare Whitney cards.
 Queen Bee 100% beeswax candles. Apparently they clear the, air-deionize it in fact.

Jenny loves tapestries, pepperino boards, Marc Pascal salt cellar, local potter Deb Cotter bowls, Ellis stuff and other vintage Australian pottery.

 Pewter mug with vintage spoons, Vintage Danish peace dove vase.

Klopper (wares): Stall 224 South Melbourne Market, Victoria.


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